Fasfold - Intelligent system


FasfoldBy fitting the 3d Fasfold CNC touchscreen controller to your Pressbrake you will be able to:


Setup jobs faster & easier using less skilled labour, increase efficiency & win more jobs, making less mistakes, errors and reduce waste outperforming your competition.


Lightning fast QUICKDRAW, (finger draw) auto/manual bend sequence selection, Automatic under/overfold correction, accurate bend allowance feature Indicates the exact blank length to be guillotined 2D or 3D simulation (finger rotate. Zoom)


Online/offline programming, Box mode, DXF imports, Powerful Simplicity! Windows 7 on Wide screen Indus - trial Touch PC. from as little as euro 10.000,00


100% Australian, exported to the world setting the pace and standards for the future.


Fitted easily by your local electrician 2 axis Nutstop/Torsion bar to 8 axis Syncro. Powerful, easy graphical diagnostics. AC motor Acme screw or AC Servo ballscrew back stops.


Anyone including Electricians, Fitters, Boilermakers, Welders & Fabricators can be trained to use this powerful CNC controller in 2 hours .