Save time and increase the accuracy of work



FasfoldFasDrill® is an intelligent and modular automation foreseen in your production; FasDrill® is a modular system allowing to automate the operations of drilling, punching and each other type of processing in linear series.


The kit is suitable for all types of machinery and allows a careful control on the scheduled work in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the control panel.


Grazie al pannello di controllo è possibile scegliere tutte le tolleranze delle misure e degli spostamenti pianificando il processo produttivo con precisione.


Each element of FasDrill is designed and manufactured by Triveneta Impianti with last generation technologies and innovative solutions of easy employment.




The fast lock and unlock of the workpiece has never been so easy.

Power and precision

The FasDrill motor allows to work with tight schedules, but with low power consumption.

Accurate to the millimeter

The rack rail advancement system allows to obtain a great precision without compromising the work speed.

Synchronized hydraulic clamp

The clamp allows to work with precision and speed.

Automatic drive system

Automatic and precise feed with programmable times.

Variable height

Thanks to the platforms with variable height, it is possible to adapt the Fas Drill to different types of machinery in a simple way.