Decisive performance increase of press brakes, folding machines and shears
to make the operator's work easier and more agile, maximizing speed and precision.

bending line trackers

Triveneta Impianti has created an evolved line of laser tracking deviced called B-Sniper.

These, made in several versions to adapt to all press brackes as well as to every processing need, represent the firs and only universal system to trace the fold line clearly visible directly on the piece during processing of sheet metal working: revolutionize your production in an easy, immediate and intelligent way.

Particularly suitable for creating quickly and well:

Multi-step bending
Conical bends (like funnels and hoppers)
Cross bending (reinforcing bends for thin panel)
Irregular pieces that is difficult to stand to the backgauge
Bends to sign (for example laser marks or other kind of signs)
Urgent pieces without the wasting of time linked to programming


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