Retrofitting for sheet metal working machines that increases PERFORMANCE and SAFETY up to saving you the purchase of new machines.

Who we are

Our Company is mainly engaged in retrofitting on press brakes and shares by designing and performing complete kit suitable to be installed by the final client.

We can supply: Complete kit able to update your old machines in conformity with the International Safety Standards by installing last generation laser devices and protections made on size. The application of the European Standard EN 12622 and the LASER devices are, in fact, the main purpose of our interventions.

The most employed solutions required, are usually our complete kit suitable for the mechanical revision of motorized backgauges, updating also the oldest machines with the most actual technologies by means of ball screw backgauges type MOD X1, X2 and COGUAR.

We can supply you with complete kit, easy to be installed, and able to replace old numerical control devices with last generation controls which can technically improve the working functions also on old manufactured machines, for the said purpose we usually employ numerical controls and positioners such as PRG 911, PRG910, POSITRONIC and FAS FOLD.

We guarantee a total service on all our proposals with assemblies, tests and training classes with our skill technicians able to overcome every eventual performance difficulty.

For any further detail, you can contact us directly our e-mail address otherwise please dial 045.518.747