Absolute non-invasive increase and complete adaptation to current safety regulations of press brakes, folding machines and shears

Photocells and infrared beams

The basis of the safety of each press brake are the photocells.
Perfectly in line with the EN 12622 standard, our multi-beam photocells (available in two versions: DSP Standard and DSP AP, where AP stands for ” Alte Prestazioni” in Italian, “High Performance” in English), finger protection barriers 800mm (always selectable between two models: floating or fixed 14mm muting) and the three-beam rear protection will integrate on your machine tool an indispensable safety device that is perfectly adaptable to the type of work of your company.

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Siamo specializzati nel retrofitting  di macchine per la lavorazione della lamiera  per aumentare  PRESTAZIONI e SICUREZZA, fino a risparmiarti l’acquisto di macchine nuove.

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