Absolute non-invasive increase and complete adaptation to current safety regulations of press brakes, folding machines and shears


Safety kit consisting of DSP Standard + AL2 safety module (Kit version A200 24V DC)

If you want to replace your press brake’s safety photocells and you are looking for a quick and easy solution, this Basic Kit is just the thing for you.

Thanks to this Basic Kit with DSP Standard multi-beam laser photocells, you can achieve a safety upgrade of your press brake that is perfectly in line with current legislation.

Modern DSP Laser safety photocells are essential not only to prevent accidents at work, but also to support the speed of sheet metal working.

The kit includes a pair of DSP Standard photocells and an AL2 module (24V DC).
The latter is an electronic module whose logic is designed to monitor and manage the systems and components present on the press brake to ensure the safety of the bending process, strictly according to EN12622.

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