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Programmable Positioner PRG 910A

PRG 910A positions a motorized axis in MANUAL and AUTOMATIC mode (to which to combine the counter function)

The PRG 910A positioner positions a motorized axis in manual and automatic mode.

It has a counter that can be programmed when working in automatic mode whose function is to count the number of repetitions that have occurred.

The offset function is also capable of increasing the axis position by a value programmed by the folder when the relevant input is closed.


It also features a waterproof and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate keyboard, which is specially designed for the machine tool environment.

Other features that distinguish the PRG 910A programmable positioner are:

  • memory bank in which to store the parameters required for operation
  • totaliser function to display the exact number of cycles carried out by the mechanical part connected to the cycle increment contact
  • panel cut-out dimensions: 138×68mm

For full details of the PRG 910A programmable positioner, see the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

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