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Manual roller for saws M4900

The manual roller for saws model M4900, useful for the loading/unloading and processing stage, finds application to sawing machines of all industries.



  • Frame:
    The frame of the manual roller for saws is made zinc plated steel with basin. The manual roller has adjustable legs and support feet that offer the possibility of being fixed to the ground. In addition, the manual roller for sawing machines M4900 features zinc plated steel rollers mounted on bearings.
  • Strike:
    the strike of this manual roller for saw machines is assembled on balls linear guide and it is adjustable in width, length and height with the possibility to lift the beat to allow long bars
  • Transmission: by means of pulley and precision teethed belt.
  • Starting: by handwheel with manual mechanical block.
  • Visualization: battery liquid crystal display.

On request on the manual roller for saw machines M4900 can be installed:

  • Basin covering
  • Pneumatic stroke beat withdraw
    during cutting
  • PVC covered rollers

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