Absolute non-invasive increase and complete adaptation to current safety regulations of press brakes, folding machines and shears

Kit RGeneration RG

Kit for Amada, Mebusa, Schiavi press brakes

You do not have to replace a press brake that works well as we can maximize its safety, and consequently also its performance, adapting it to current legislation with minimal investment of time and money too (compared to buying a brand new press brake).

For press brake retrofitting we have created a complete kit that meets the most updated European regulations specific for press brakes, EN 12622.

The installation of the press brake retrofit kit is composed by:
1. Safety photocells multi-laser beam DSP AP
2. Support brackets for safety photocells multi-lasr beam DSP AP
[support brackets are available in different versions]
3. Emergency panel integrated on the support brackets
4. Magnetic linear encoder (speed control line)
5. Safety PLC MCS
6. Redundant safety management of speed and slowdown (10mm/sec)
7. Limit stop unit to control the machine pedal
8. Wiring Kit (Cabling)

Kit RGeneration RG is suitable for the retrofitting of RG press brakes and covers all the aspect: mechanical, hydraulic and electronic.

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