Absolute non-invasive increase and complete adaptation to current safety regulations of press brakes, folding machines and shears

MASTER Foot Switch – Cable 10 m

The main feature of MASTER Foot Switch is that it can work as an indipendent safety foot switch or as the principal one with a second safet foot switch – its subordinate – named SLAVE.


Built with robust moulded structure of painted steel encloses the housed equipment (protecting them from damage due to accidental dropping of workpieces), this MASTER Foot Pedal can be easily integrated on all press brakes.

Prepared for the main control commands on a large control panel (located in the upper part), the safety foot switch MASTER has a double foot control with maintained action:

  • The pedal controlling the ascent is a one-position pedal.
  • The pedal controlling the descent is a three-position safety pedal, with a third emergency “panic position” in accordance with EN 292-1.


The safety MASTER Foot Switch is supplied with a connection cable covered with a heavy, super-flexible metal sheath to facilitate repositioning operations, complete with plug and multi-pin socket to be attached to the control panel.

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