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Magnetic linear incremental encoder

Based on your needs, which we will define when contacting one of our technical department experts, as well as the product on which it will be applied, we will determine the perfect encoder to meet your needs.


A magnetic incremental linear encoder is a device that converts linear motion into an electrical signal. This type of encoder uses a magnetic sensor system to detect the movement of a magnetic rod along a linear path.

Applying a magnetic incremental linear encoder to the machine tool therefore tracks the position of the tool along the machine’s linear axis of motion. Each time the tool moves, the encoder sends a signal that is used by the numerical control to keep track of the tool position in real time.

This allows the machine tool to do precise and repetitive operations without having to be constantly re-positioned by the operator. The application of an incremental rotary encoder therefore improves machine productivity and the quality of the parts produced, reducing positioning and machining errors.



→ Resolution: 10㎛
→ Polar pitch: 5mm
→ Accuracy: ± 15㎛
→ Output type: LTP = Push-Pull
→ Connector/cable length: 5m
→ Material: anodised aluminium
→ Supply voltage: V2 = 8-24V DC

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