Decisive increase in the performance of press brakes, folding machines and shears to make the operator's work easier and more agile, maximizing speed and precision

Magnetic Linear Encoder 400mm

Magnetic scale with 400 mm stroke measurement
complete with precision mechanical interface

Magnetic linear encoder are highly accurate measuring devices used in industrial applications on machine tools of various types such as lathes, shears and press brakes.

Capable of measuring tool position with very high accuracy, the magnetic linear encoder provides information on position variations in real time. This allows the tool position to be accurately monitored during the sheet metal working process and any corrections to be made to ensure accuracy and repeatability of the process.


In addition, magnetic linear encoder can measure the speed of tool movement and provide information on accelerations and decelerations during the machining process. These readings can be used to optimise the machining process and thus increase the overall productivity of the machine tool.



The Magnetic Linear Encoder 400mm with adjustable reference and counting LED indicators offers a measuring range from 150mm to 2000mm with a sliding movement on bearings .

The Magnetic Scale also comes complete with a precision magnetic interface.

Voltage 8-24V DC

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