Linear Potentiometer 5K

Linear potentiometer with measurement range 50 to 800 mm and repeatability <0.01mm

Linear potentiometers are electronic devices that measure the position of an object linearly, i.e. along one dimension. These sensors are commonly used in machine tools to measure the position of linear motion axes, such as the position of the tool, the X and Y axis or the Z axis.

Applying a linear potentiometer to the machine tool, therefore, allows the position of axes to be monitored and controlled in real time. This means that the operator can check the position of the tool during the sheet metal working process and make corrections if it deviates from the intended position. Thus, the use of a linear potentiometer improves machining accuracy.


In summary, the application of a linear potentiometer to your machine tool is essential to ensure machining accuracy and repeatability.



  • Measuring range:
    50 to 800 mm and repeatability <0.01mm
  • Linearity:
    ±%0.05 (>200mm); ±%0.1 (130-200mm); ±%0.2 (74-130mm); ±%0.5 (<75mm)