Decisive increase in the performance of press brakes, folding machines and shears to make the operator's work easier and more agile, maximizing speed and precision

Kit RGeneration RG – For RG Press Brakes

Kit for RG press brakes designed to make them express the maximum of their working potential

The RGeneration RG Kit is a complete kit for RG press brakes specifically designed to let your press brake reach its full working potential, significantly increasing its performance in an immediate and measurable way.

The RGeneration RG Kit includes:

  • Positronic 7″ model numerical control complete with support arm
  • Linear potentiometer
  • Brushless drive + Y-axis motor + new cabling
  • Brushless drive + X-axis motor + new cabling
  • Stepper drive + R-axis motor + new wiring harness
  • Stepper drive + R1 axis motor + new wiring harness
  • Electrical control panel

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The RGeneration RG kit is ideal for: RG25/12 – RG35/20 – RG35/25 – RG75/30 – RG100 – RG104


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