Decisive increase in the performance of press brakes, folding machines and shears to make the operator's work easier and more agile, maximizing speed and precision

UP 300 ON

Up is an electric bending aid applicable to any press brake for processing heavy and large sheet metal by increasing:

  • SAFETY by eliminating the risk of work injuries
  • PERFORMANCE as only one operator will be needed to process the parts

Read more details on operation below in description.


Up is an electric bendign aid that can be applied to any press brake. The UP 300 ON version, in particular, is installed directly on the machine tool on which it is to be used.

The UP 300 ON model of sheet metal follower provides:

  • maximum capacity equal to 150kg
  • application to the press brake by means of a special UP RAIL
  • vertical and horizontal manual handling by means of handwheels
  • provision for UP VACUUM for unparalleled control and safety
  • see more features and dimensions of UP 300 ON in the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

UP, as a bending aid, can greatly improve the bending process in cases where parts of considerable weight and size have to be handled, as:

  • Increase SAFETY

UP is an added device that follows the sheet metal to be processed and is able to eliminate all the risks for the operator.



The bending aid UP 300 ON can be configured with additional accessories to further enhance its use.

-> Discover the optional extras applicable to this version of UP by consulting the CONFIGURATOR

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